Female Cleric of Glöð


5’ 6", 130 pounds

Class: Cleric
Level 6 Title: Elder
Xp. 28773 Needs 50000 Bonus 5%. (New spell at 33,000)

Armor Class: 2 (Plate Mail+1)
(AC1 to a single target attacking her with hand-held or hurled weapons if she can defend with mace)

Hit Points: 34 (5 + 6 + 7 + 5 + 8 + 3)
Move 30 in magic armor, with gear

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 13 ( + 3 proficiencies)
Wisdom: 14 (+ 5% experience, + 1 magic, mental saves)
Constitution: 15 ( + 1 hp per level)
Dexterity: 9
Charisma: 15 (+ 1 to reactions)

Saving Throws (+ 1 to magic and mental attacks (Wis))
DRP: 9
Magic Wand: 10 (+ 1 Wis)
Turn to Stone: 12 ( + 1 Wis if from spell)
Dragon Breath: 14
RSS: 13 ( + 1 Wis)

Special Abilities: Turn Undead
Skeleton D (automatically destroy 2d6 per round)
Zombie D (automatically destroy (2d6/2) per round)
Ghoul D (automatically destroy (2d6/2) per round)
Wight T (automatically turn (2d6/3) per round [min 1])
Wraith T (automatically turn (2d6/4) per round [min 1])
Mummy 7 (if 2d6 >7, Ember turns (2d6/5.25) [min 1])
Spectre 9 (if 2d6 >9, Ember turns (2d6/6) [min 1])
Vampire 11 (if 2d6 >11, Ember turns (2d6/HD) [min 1])

If Ember is successful at turning, she may make another attempt on the next round. Any time she fails she may no longer turn that particular group of undead.

Special Ability: Essence Flame
At will, Ember may draw upon her own essence to create fire. In either or both hands a small flame will be produced, equal in intensity to the burning end of a small stick. The flame will not leave her hand but can be used to warm things or light flammable materials. Ember must spend 30xp to create this flame. If Ember produces this by sheer force of will, it does not count as an action and will not restrict what else she may do that round, but will last only until the end of the round. If she spends a full action for a round and is able to say a prayer, “Kroppen min som veke, min sjel som olje, min tro som gnist,” it will last a full turn.

Special Abilities: NWP (4 + 3 (Int) + 1 (at 3rd) +1 (at 6th) = 9; next at 9th)
Nordic, Spoken (free)
Nordic Runes (1)
Common, Spoken (1)
Halfling, Spoken (1)
Fire-Building (1) [Check succeeds on 13 or less]
Herbalism (2) and Mycology (1 more). May prepare treatments, poisons, and purgatives (with access to herbs or mushrooms). [Check succeeds on 11 or less]. Mycology may also be used to gather food in appropriate environments.
Healing (2) If treating the wounds of someone within one round of infliction, a successful check heals 1d3 points. Under her care, a patient resting all day will gain 2hp with no check required (or 3hp if she has access to healing herbs and/or fungi). [Check succeeds on 12 or less; 14 or less if she has access to healing herbs and/or fungi]. If she has access to healing herbs and/or fungi and ministers all day (including seeing to herbal teas and infusions) to an active person, a successful check (14) restores 1 hp.

Magic Items:
Holy Symbol
Mace + 1 (+ 1 to hit, 2d4 + 1 damage) (currently carried by Thrud)
Plate Mail + 1 (King Alexander of Cyndicia)
Mace + ? (properties unknown, recovered from shrine to Cretia)

Weapon Proficiencies (2 + 1 (at 4th) = 3, next at 8th)
Basic in War Hammer (1), Skilled in Mace (2). Others at -3 to hit.
Mace skill adds extra damage, and allows Ember to have one less AC for one opponent using a hand-held or hurled weapon.

Quarterstaff (d6, non-proficient)

Attack rolls vs. AC
9 7
8 8
7 9
6 10
5 11
4 12
3 13
2 14
1 15
0 16

Normal Items:
Boots, Hat, Good Cloth Cloak, Breeches, Tunic

Lantern w/hood
2 candles
2 Chalk
Signal whistle
Foundry hammer
Bag of Medicinal Mushrooms gathered from fields of undercity

Carrying for group –
Bracelet (p.9), ring (p.16), fox necklace (Fluffy) p.19, 3gp
1 gem x 10gp
22 gems x 100gp
5 gems x 500gp
26 gems x (?)

Bag of Holding
210pp, 1500gp, 8290sp

Brass tube with scroll – holds Map of Tombs

Crown of King Alexander
Potion of Invisibility (Embalming Room, 23)
Potion of Levitation (Werefoxes, Room 51)

Special Abilities: Spells When rested, may pray for two first level spells AND two second level spells AND one third level spell. May replace each first level spell with four orisons.

Special Ability: Spell Fire Ember may spend a round to “burn” a prayed-for spell to turn it into a fire spell of equal or lesser level. At this point, she may burn any prepared orison to turn it into Inner Warmth. She may burn any prepared first level spell to turn it into one to four orison’s of Inner Warmth, or a single Burning Hands or Hearthglow. She may burn any prepared second level spell to turn it into Heat Metal, Produce Flame, _Gutter, _or any of the first level level spells, or four orisons.

Inner warmth
Heart Mending
Sense Magic

First Level Spells
Burning Hands
Comfort of the Hearth
Detect Magic
Glöð’s Healing Touch
Glöð’s Wise Discernment
Protection of the Hearthmother

Second Level Spells
Blessing of Glöð
Glöð’s Remedy
Gutter, Flicker, and Flare
Heat Metal
Maternal Instinct
Mother’s Eye
Produce Flame
Speak with Animals

Third Level Spells
Forge of the Mother


Ember is a tall, slender human with warm, dark eyes. She has wild, waist-length black hair that shows flecks of bright red/orange in the sun. She is a devout follower of the Norse Goddess Glöð (the Goddess of home, hearth and fire). She recently finished her cleric studies in the Great Temple at Soderfjord City. Before she can be placed at a temple she must go on a journey of self reflection and discovery. Once she has learned about what evils exist in the world, she will know how, why, and against what she needs to defend her hearth. This journey has so far brought her, and her traveling companion Thrud, to Selenica.


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