Female Halfling


Class: Halfling
Level 5 Title: Halfling Swashbuckler
Xp. 16712 Needed: 32000 Bonus: 10%
Height 3’, Weight 60 lb

Armor Class: 9 to -2
(chain armor (5) or none (9))
(-2 to AC if attacked by creatures larger than man sized)
(-1 from dex if aware)
(-1 against 1 hand-held or hurled weapon if using dagger)

Cloak of Elvenkind
Indoors, Fluffy is only noticed on a 1 (d6) when she is wearing this.

Movement 40 when unarmored and less than 13 pounds carried in addition to chain.
20 when wearing chain and less than 80 pounds of gear
10 if carrying more than 121.5 pounds
Currently carrying 77 pounds

Hit Points: 12 (4 + 4 + 2 + 1 + 1)

Strength: 14 ( + 1 to hit, damage for hand-held and hurled)
Intelligence: 10 ( + 2 proficiencies)
Wisdom: 7 (-1 to saves)
Dexterity: 14 ( – 1 AC, + 1 to hit in missile)
Constitution: 6 ( -2 hp per level)
Charisma: 13 (+ 1 to reactions)

Saving Throws (-1 to mental attacks from Wisdom)
DRP: 5
Magic Wand: 6
Turn to Stone: 7
Dragon Breath: 9
SRS: 9 ( – 1 Wis)

Special Abilities
-2 to AC if attacked by creatures larger than man sized
+ 1 to hit in missile independent of dexterity
+ 1 on individual initiative
Hide Outdoors: 90%
Hide indoors: 1, 2 (d6)

Weapon proficiencies (4 + 1 (3rd) = 5; next at 6th)
Thrown knife – Basic (1)
Hand-held knife – Skilled (2)
Sling – Skilled (2)

2 Daggers
Hand: d6 damage, x2 on 20N
Off-hand: d4 damage, -4 to hit
Thrown: d4 damage, 10/20/30

Sling with 20 stones
d6 damage, 40/80/160
At short and medium ranges, a sling hit requires a save vs. DR. Failure means the person hit is stunned until a save is made. (No attacks, no spells, + 2 AC, -2 on saves, move at 1/3).

Attack rolls:
9 7
8 8
7 9
6 10
5 11
4 12
3 13
2 14
1 15
0 16

Chain mail

Normal Items:
9 candles, flint&steel, soap, mittens, mirror, gown, vest, sash
Hooded lantern, 1 flask of oil, human-sized bronze helmet set with Zargon claw


Pet: domestic cat

Non-weapon proficiencies (3 + 2 + 1 (3rd) = 6; next at 6th)
Halfling, Spoken (free)
Common, Spoken (1)
Cooking (1) Int = 10
Swimming (1) Str = 14
Seamstress (1) Dex+ 1 = 15
Etiquette (1) Chr = 13
Animal Training (Cats) (1) Wis = 7


FluffyKitten was young when her parents, Hin gipsies, died. She has continued their itinerant lifestyle, and has traveled much of the known world. She is, more than anything else, a master of social survival. Many people she meets mistake her for a human child, and she deliberately furthers this error by speaking, acting, and dressing the part (with her clothes often sewn by herself). Her high charisma and knowledge of customs from many lands aids her in this regard, and a principle means of sustenance for her is to be “found” after a “terrible accident” and provided for by others. If her “rescuers” are kindly sorts, she is soon on her way, with a full belly. If they seem to have an avaricious streak, she can act a noblemen’s daughter and continue the charade for long spans with them hoping for a reward.

When first in a new area she drops this pretense and does honest labor as a cook or seamstress to the highborn; once she has learned enough of local speech and customs to perpetuate her lost child ruse she leaves the household unceremoniously.

She often travels with a cat, which she tries to train though seldom well. Typical “tricks” include pretending not to know her or coming when she calls, looking cute and helping to accentuate her cuteness, or feigning an injured paw.

FluffyKitten has a perfectly-sized suit of chain, a dagger, and a sling, all of which she knows how to use. She prefers to keep these items out of sight as they spoil her dodges, but will don them when she must. She far prefers to use the sling from a distance than go toe-to-toe with assailants.


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