Human Male


Human male rogue
Level 1 Title: Apprentice
Xp. 0 Needs 1200 Bonus 10%

Ability Scores
Str 13 (+ 1 to hit and damage in melee)
Int 14 ( + 4 proficiencies)
Wis 9
Dex 16 (+ 10% xp, + 2 to hit for missiles, -2 AC)
Con 12
Cha 13 (+ 1 to reactions)

Saving Throws
DRP 13
Magic Wands 14
Turn to Stone 13
Dragon Breath 16
Spell, Rod, Magic Staff 15

HP: 3
AC: 5 (7 if unaware)

Non-Weapon Proficiencies (3 + 4 = 7)

Special Abilities
Open Locks 15%
Find Traps 10%
Remove Traps 10%
Climb Walls 87%
Move Silently 20%
Hide in Shadows 10%
Pick Pockets 20%
Hear Noise 1-2 on D6

4 Flasks of Oil
6 torches
50’ Rope
Thieves’ Tools
Flint and Steel

1 wine skin

10’ pole

Large sack
1 week iron rations
12 iron spikes

Armor and Weapons
Proficient in Dagger (held) and Hand Axe (held and thrown)
Leather Armor
Dagger (d4)
Hand axe (d6)

Move 30 (light armor)
Marry carry 60 pounds in addition to his armor before being slowed



Hrothgar is small (5’3", 118 lbs.). His hair and beard are mousy brown. His dark brown eyes are never still. Resembling a tailor or cobbler, he can pass unnoticed through most crowds.

Hrothgar grew up in the poorer quarters of Selenica, and it didn’t take him long to be recruited by the Thieve’s Guild. As he grew, he worked as a fagger, a ruffler-boy, and eventually a pair of eyes. Now he is a new-mint bob. His keen wit, completely unremarkable appearance, and charismatic personality have made him a leader, at least among those as inexperienced and low-ranking as himself. Recently two pilgrims have been touched and brought before the Guild. Neither had the iron to trade for jukrum, so they are to be escorted out of town. Hrothgar was surprised they weren’t turned over, roughed up, or killed – but the current Upright Man is a gentle sort who doesn’t like to waste talent or court conflict with other guilds, so a warning and an escort were deemed sufficient. One of the pilgrims is a brute of a cove, a red wester called Ulric. The other is a mere slip of a mot, a dusky pearl named Nightwing. The guild is sending Apprentice Remme and Apprentice Moonshadow as their chaperones. What the apprentices don’t know is that Hrothgar is going as well, to see that the apprentices do their job but don’t overdo it. Remme in particular, he has been told, may be too interested for his own good and especially needs a pair of eyes. All five of them have been dressed as common guards and sent out with a trade caravan bound from Selenica to Ylaruam City. The merchant master of the caravan has paid his protection money, so Hrothgar is also charged with making sure that no one, pilgrim, town bob, or rover tries to pinch.


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