Female Elf


Level 4. Magician-Heroine.
Xp. 18909 Needs 32000. Bonus 5%

Ability Scores
Str. 14 ( + 1 to hit and damage)
Int. 15 ( + 4 proficiencies)
Wis. 13 ( + 1 to saves vs. spells and mental attacks)
Dex. 15 ( – 1 AC, +1 to missile attacks)
Con. 13 ( + 1 hp / level)
Chr. 8 (no adjustment)

AC. 4 (5 if unaware) Chain mail armor
Hp. 17 (6 + 4 + 4 + 3)
One hand-held or hurled attack is (-2 to AC) if Morgan is defending with longsword
Move 20 (max in medium armor)

Breeches and Tunic
Soft boots (sandals at base)
Good cloth cloak
Unidentified magic boots

Weapons (Proficient in shortbow and shortsword, skilled in longsword; next at 7th)
Shortbow, large quiver with 20 flight arrows
Shortsword, scabbard
Sword+2, scabbard, hanger, and baldric
Skilled in longsword:
Longsword is base d10 damage
Bonus: May choose one hand-held or hurled attack on her to be at -2 AC
Bonus: May chose to deflect 1 melee or hurled attack per round (Save vs. Death Ray (10))
Replace: May chose to Disarm instead of attack (if hit, opponent makes a Dex save with +1 penalty)

May cast two first level spells and two second level spells per rest
Read Magic, Magic Missile, Sleep

Wand of Illusion (casts Phantasmal Force)


50’ hemp rope
144 gp
11 ep
19 cp

War Dog, “Pooches” (brown fur, black around eyes)
Domestic Cat, “Blackcloak” (black fur, green eyes)

Proficiencies (Base 3, + 4 Int + 1 at 3rd) Next at 6th
Elven (Spoken 0),
Elven (Reading/Writing 1),
Common (Spoken 1)
Animal Training (Wis:13)(1),
Swimming (Str:14)(1),
Animal Lore (Canolbarth Forest, Int:15)(1),
Survival (Temperate Forest – Int:15)(2)
Spellcraft (Int – 2: 15)(1)

Attack rolls
9 8
8 9
7 10
6 11
5 12
4 13
3 14
2 15
1 17
0 18
-1 19
-2 20

Saving Throws (Wis +1 to magic and mental)
DRP 10
MW 11
DB 12
RSS 12


Iris is a tall elf with long brown hair and deep black eyes who weighs about 100 pounds and is strong for her build.

She was born and raised an Alfheim elf in the Canolbarth and knows little of the outside world. At her coming-of-age ceremony, she had a dream that she interpreted to mean she was to travel among the human lands. Her first destination was Selenica. She was confused at first by human ways, most so by their keeping of pets, which she regards as boon companions, not servants. She had already purchased a war dog and a cat by the time she reached the city as she was unsatisfied with the way their “owners” treated them. She has learned much since then, and now realizes that the human world is too big for her to change by herself. Still, she will do what she can.


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