Jon Speardragon, the dead

Male Human (Atruaghin) Fighter


Level 1 Title: Veteran
Xp. 1691 Needs 2000. Bonus 5%

str.14 (+ 1 to hit and damage in melee, + 5% xp)
int.10 (+ 2 NWP)
wis.3 (-3 on saves vs. magic and mental attack)
con.14 (+ 1 hp per level)

Armor class 5
HP 5
Move 20 (medium armor)
May carry 82 pounds in addition to armor before slowing

skills: (3 + 2 ) = 5
Atruaghin, Spoken (free)
direction sense (1)
fire building (1)
cooking (1)
blind fighting (2)

Note that Jon does NOT speak Common, so communication with him will be difficult (except for Ulric).

4 weapon proficiencies.
Trident, net, sword

chain mail armor
cloth robes (mantle and loincloth), sandals
trident (d6) (may be held or thrown)
Net X3
sword (d8)
gold mask
candles X6
torche X2

If hit by his net, a creature of up to 3HD must save vs. Death Ray or be entangled (may not move, attack, or cast). Creatures of more than 1HD add +1 to save. One save may be made at the end of each round. Success after any but the first round means the net is ruined.

61 gold, 200 silver and 187 copper


Jon grew up in a small coastal fishing village of the Atruaghin Clans. He was trained as a warrior, not a fisherman, though in his clan’s traditional weapons. Wanting to see the world, he took service as a Darokin mercenary but found little opportunity due to his limited command of common and unusual weapons. A few weeks ago he met a toothless old Atruaghin beggar on the streets of Darokin City. The man seemed delirious but he promised Jon that he would find glory and wealth in Selenica. Jon fervently believed him and traveled to the city, but it has been several days and nothing has happened besides a few barroom scuffles and run-ins with the town watch. Jon is nearly out of money and has decided to hire on as a caravan guard as a means of having food until the old man’s prophesies are realized.

Jon Speardragon, the dead

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