Morgan the Red

Female Half-Elf (raised as an elf)


6’, 150 pounds

Ability Scores
Str: 18 ( + 3 hit/damage in melee)
Int: 13 ( + 3 NWP, 55% chance to learn spells)
Wis: 10
Dex: 14 (-1 AC, + 1 to hit in missile, + 1 to individual init)
Con: 14 (+ 1 hp per level)
Cha: 10

Saving Throws
Wand 10
Par/Pet 10 (+ 5 vs. ghoul paralysis from eleven heritage)
Breath 12
RSS 11 (advantage on charm, save allowed for sleep)

HP: 29/29 [7 + 5 + 4 + 6 + 7]
AC: -2 to 9 depending on circumstance
Base 4 (Bronze plate armor), or 9 (no armor)
Front and Left flank, shield + 2 is (-3 to AC)
Front, left, and right flanks Dex is (-1 to AC)
One hand-held or hurled attack is (-2 to AC) if Morgan is defending with longsword

Level 5 Title: Swashbuckling Enchantress
XP 32764 Needs 64000. Bonus 5%

Special Abilities
Infravision to 30’
Find Secret Doors on 1 or 2

Weapon Proficiencies
(Base 3, +1 at 4th = 4, Next at 7th)
Skilled in Sword (2) (plus elf bonus to dmg)
Basic in Shortbow (1)
Basic in Dagger (1) (held only, not thrown)
If attacking with a non-proficient weapon, -2 to hit
Skilled in longsword:
Longsword is base d10 damage
Bonus: May choose one hand-held or hurled attack on her to be at -2 AC
Bonus: May chose to deflect 1 melee or hurled attack per round (Save vs. Death Ray (9) and add 1 for magic sword)
Replace: May chose to Disarm instead of attack (if hit, opponent makes a Dex save with +1 penalty)

Weapons THAC0 16
Magic Long Sword + 1 (d10)
(total + 4 to hit, + 5 to damage counting str, skill, and magic)

3 daggers (d4) (two at belt one of which is silver, one in boot)
(+ 3 to hit and damage from strength)

Shortbow, range 50/100/150. + 1 to hit from Dex, + 1 at close range, -1 at long range
Quiver with 36 flight arrows (d6)

dagger sheaths, scabbard

Non-Weapon Proficiencies (3 + 3 (Int) + 1 (3rd) = 7, next at 6th)
Elven (spoken) (free)
Reading/Writing (Elven) (1)
Common (spoken) (1)
Darokite (spoken) (1)
Riding, Horse (1) (Dex 14)
Survival (Temperate Forest) (2) (Int 13)
Alertness (1) (Dex 14)
Alertness gives Morgan advantage on surprise rolls. She is allowed a surprise roll even when surprise is automatic (such as when sleeping). With a successful alertness check, she can draw her weapon without losing initiative.

bronze plate mail (Base AC4)
+ 2 magic shield (-3 AC on front and left)

breeches, tunic, boots, belt, small belt pouch, backpack, 2 fish hooks, sewing needle, flint/steel, 2 torches, waterskin, candles (2), whetstone.

1 bronze mask (Madarua)

2 potion flasks (Shrine to Cretia, room 78)

Scroll of “Speak with Animals”, priest spell written in Ethengari, in bone tube

scroll in bronze scroll tube (B4 p.16)
Continual Light, Levitate, Read Languages

May memorize: 2 first level spells, 2 second level spells, and 1 third level

Traveling spellbook:
(1) Read Magic, Sleep, Magic Missile (hand-copied and almost illegible)

Known, on silver plaques, party property: (carried by Wolfbane)
(1) Shield, Phantasmal Force
(2) Web, Invisibility,

Known, on silver plaques, personal property
(1) Hold Portal, Read Languages
(2) Knock

House Rules:
+1 to damage when striking with a sword (in addition to any str. bonus or penalty).
Make an Int check (55%) to learn any spell, +10% on first level spells, +5% on second level
Allowed a save vs. sleep due to elven heritage
Advantage on save. vs. charm due to elven heritage
+5 on saves vs. ghoul paralysis due to elven heritage


Born of mixed blood, Morgan Silverthorn finds herself torn between two worlds. Raised by her elven mother in the forests of Canolbarth, Morgan tried to blend in with her elvish peers. As she grew older, it became apparent that Morgan would more closely resemble her father, a minor noble of a merchant house family of Darokin. At 5’9" with green eyes and long dark red hair, Morgan towered over her peers. Raised by her mother to cherish her elvish heritage, Morgan tried to feel accepted. But only a few years after she came of age, Morgan made the decision to leave Canolborth and travel to Selenica to experience the human side of her ancestry. Seeing the large number of caravans on the roads to Selenica, Morgan took work as a guard for caravan traffic on the trading routes. Being surrounded by men in a rough line of work has sharpened Morgan’s skills, as well as her tongue.

alignment: N
trinket: small, hand carved black wooden horse

“Per day” really means “per period between rests”.
She can recover first and second level spells after resting for four hours.
She can recover third level spells after resting for six hours (including the four)
To memorize a spell takes 15 minutes per spell level.
A complete recharge would thus be 6 hours rest + 2 hours 15 minutes memorizing.

Morgan the Red

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