Brotherhood of Gorm

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The Brotherhood of Gorm worships the god Gorm. They wear ancient iron chain armor over blue robes, golden masks, and have a lightning-bolt tattoo on their shoulder. Most of them fight with iron swords.

In the upper pyramid, they controlled three rooms on the second level of the pyramid and a Temple on the third level. They were all fighting men. Two watches of them were slain by the party, which has now taken over their rooms. The party obtained a Helm of Telepathy and a key from the leader. The key worked on both the bee cage and the temple door.

Hazrad spoke with the leader from the pyramid and said that they were evil cultists.

In the Undercity, they are led by Azerius and have both fighting men and male priests. Their stronghold is called the “Redoubt of the Brotherhood” and has a battlemented stone wall surrounding two large towers – the Tower of Might and the Tower of Justice (which has a temple on its first floor).

The Brotherhood maintains religious scripture from before the fall of the uppercity. In one of their texts, it tells of how strangers from outside Cyndicia will arrive and lead the Brotherhood in the overthrow and defeat of the Zargonites.

Brotherhood of Gorm

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