For Spells and Abilities

Experience points for spells and abilities are granted only when the spell or ability is used in a way that advances the plot. It is not enough to say “I cast web at the end of the day” – there must have been a plot-specific reason to cast the spell. It is not enough to say “While everyone is resting for four hours, I will check the room for secret doors.” There must be a reason you suspect that a door may be in the area and a reason you want to find it.

For using abilities, your xp gained are 100 x the chance to fail. Thus the more difficult the task, the more xp you will gain. These xp are gained regardless of whether your roll succeeds or not – it is the sincere attempt from which you learn.

For example, Ember makes a combat medicine check on a 12 or less and a healing herb check on a 14 or less. The first check fails on a 13-20, or has a 40% chance of failure. She thus earns 40xp for each combat medicine check, 30xp for a healing herb check.

When casting spells, I first calculate what is the minimum number of xp needed to cast a spell of that level. Casting that spell earns 1% of that total. For example, to cast a second level spell, Ember needed to be fourth level. To get to fourth level, she had to have 6000xp. She gets 1% of this, 60xp, every time she casts a second level spell.

Current totals:
- Ember, orison
30 xp Ember, first level spell
60 xp Ember, second level spell
250xp Ember, third level spell

25 xp Wolfbane, first level spell
50 xp Wolfbane, second level spell
200 xp Wolfbane, third level spell

40 xp Morgan, first level spell
80 xp Morgan, second level spell
320 xp Morgan, third level spell

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For Spells and Abilities

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