Mushroom Cookies

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Why no page about Mushroom Cookies in book?

Fluffy must make page!

Wery Wery Wery important for party.

Mushroom cookies are wery yummy, and perfect for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner, or dessert, or second dessert, or snacks.

You can eat Mushroom cookies anywear!

You can eat them when you have to wait in stinky halls cuase magic people need to to take west. Magic people west alot. Like when Ember starts mumbling to herself. She says she’s praying to the goddess Glöð, which I think is a funny thing to name your imaginary friend.
Nobody gets mad at Ember when she talks to her imaginary friend, they don’t even give her funny looks!
Fluffy wished that the party wouldn’t give her funny looks when she talked to her imaginary friends.

You can eat Mushroom cookies in the dark, or in the light of the magic orb thing we stole, I mean borrowed from the Magi.
You can eat it while slicing hoboglobin throats, or stabbing mean Zaginites.
You can even eat them while you play hide n stab! Because Mushroom cookies aren’t like normal cookies they don’t make crunching sounds when you eat them! It’s more like a soft grinding sound that echos of the walls making it sounds likes its comeing from several diffrent places at once. Which is perfect when you’re sneaking up behind someone to stab them in the neck! Or their knees, whichever is more reachable at the time.

Also Mushroom cookies fit perfectly into any pocket! And becuase they’re so light it’s easy to stuff them into someone else’s pocket without them noticeing!
Don’t check your pockets, pillow cases, hoods, or like wise items throuly, chances are you will find piles of cookies, which are wery wery nessary for our survival.

Also cats and dogs don’t like Mushroom cookies for some reason, which means you don’t have to share! The rats like them though, but Caky just kills them when they get to close.

Mushroom Cookies are easy to make and have a low chance of catching all your stuff on pretty pretty fire.

You can also eat cookies with a large verity of items. Milk is the most preferd but if you don’t have any milk then water mixed with mushroom powerd also works. Jelly is very good with mushroom cookies, but if you don’t have any jelly, Hobogoblin blood has about the same texture as jelly, and if you sprinkle in enough cave salt it tastes about the same too.

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Mushroom Cookies

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