Warrior Maidens

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The Warrior Maidens are the followers of the goddess Madarua.
They have one established watch post on the third level of the pyramid which controls an active Temple and a Communal Room. The current watch leader is Pandora.

The Maidens wear bronze scale armor over green robes, and bronze masks. In the pyramid they were all female fighters. In the Undercity, the females are either fighters or priestesses. Males and children live in the Enclave as lesser members.

Iris and Morgan the Red have become full members of this group; Bhelgarn and FluffyKitten have become lesser members.

In the Undercity, the Maidens are led by the Great Mother and the High Priestess. The have a compound surround by a battlemented wall and a single large tower called the Madaruan Enclave. The men and children live in tents outside; the women live in the tower itself.

The Maidens have a prophecy that strangers from the light-void would come and unite the three factions to overcome the Zargonites.

Warrior Maidens

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